Gourmet Artistry

SEMAINE – Introducing Mr Poilâne was selected for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival’s advertising category last November. Directed by Cloé Bailly and produced by RSA Films and Black Dog Films, the short film was commissioned by Poilâne as part of a 2015 campaign. Bailly cleverly weaves the film’s selling focus, bread, into a tongue-in-cheek tale of a French libertine. Desired by socialites across the city, the protagonist’s identity is revealed in a surreal twist: the sought-after libertine turns out to be a mere loaf of Poilâne bread.

Advertising is recognised initially as a tool for selling the latest products, from technological innovations to gourmet baked goods. ASFF acts as witness to the evolution of this emerging film genre that is startlingly relevant within the industry. In the strand, our filmmakers tap into the vibrancy and ethos of brands, developing fresh ideas and executing them with polished and consciously placed detail.

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1. SEMAINE – Introducing Mr Poilâne, 2015. Courtesy of the filmmaker and Vimeo.