FlatPack Film Festival Birmingham

This spring welcomes the return of the eighth Flatpack Film Festival to Birmingham, this eleven day event presents a line-up of new features, shorts and special guests with the alternative route-map to Birmingham offering walking tours, installations and pop-up screenings across the city. This all-encompassing festival aims to to be a unique place in the UK’s film scene.

Headline events of the the festival include The World Made Itself from LA-based artist and performer Miwa Matreyek, the UK Premiere of The Great Flood from Bill Morrison regarding the devastation caused by the Mississippi floods of 1927, alongside Birmingham on sea, recounting the tale of one land-locked city’s love affair with water.

These are accompanied by a rare 1900s film featuring theatre and variety stars of the day including Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet. The rarely seen and intriguing short films from Phono-Cinema-Théâtre have been captured with original sound thanks to a clever gramophone system. Many of them in hand-tinted colour, have been restored by the Cinémathèque Française and this will be the first showing in the UK. The material without sound will be accompanied by a live trio led by pianist and arranger John Sweeney.

Brain-imaging and eye-tracking technology will be explored in a series of talks and screenings looking into what cinema does to our brains. In addition experimental filmmaker Henry Hills will present his work and talk about his collaboration with John Zorn and Christian Marclay amoungst other topics. Talks entitled Show Me How will explore the changing face of film going and the popular strand Colour Box will return with family friendly screenings and activities.

The festival runs 20-30 March. To find out more go to www.flatpackfestival.org.uk

1. The World Made Itself by Miwa Matreyek courtesy of FlatPack Film Festival.