Eddie Martin: All This Mayhem

All This Mayhem is an exploration into what happens when raw talent and extreme personalities collide. Produced by VICE Films, the work follows two brothers as they move from the top of the world into unimaginable depths over the course of a few years. Recently screened in the UK at Sheffield Doc/Fest, the documentary is released in cinemas on 8 August.

Australian brothers and legendary skaters Tas and Ben Pappas are bound together by more than just blood, but also their passion for skating. Their intense relationship drove them to the pinnacle of their sport in the 1990s, receiving worldwide acclaim, representing skate companies and enjoying the unfettered hedonism that came with the glory days of professional vert skateboarding. Unfortunately, it was also this unity that left them spiraling tragically out of control into a world of drugs and crime.

Directed by Eddie Martin, produced by James Gay-Rees and George Pank and edited by Chris King, the work brings together hours of footage taken throughout the brothers’ lives up until the present day, paired with interviews with other legendary skateboarding stars. The documentary traces the duo’s meteoric rise to number one and two in the world and the heartbreaking personal and professional story that followed shortly afterwards. Covering everything from their revolutionary styles to feuds with Tony Hawk and the darker side of fame, All This Mayhem is a story of having it all and the consequences of losing it.

All This Mayhem, in cinemas 8 August, find out more: http://tinyurl.com/l3qrfkq

1. Film courtesy of YouTube.