Drama Highlights: Complex Emotional Landscapes

Drama envelopes many scenarios and outcomes, some including moments that resonate with viewers and others that plunge the depths of new and heart-rending domains. This year’s selection spans cultures and decades, pushing the world around us to its limits.

Many of the selected films search for profound moments, heightening towards climactic and beautifully intimate scenes, whilst the narratives approach both the universal and the personal nuances of day-to-day life. We list 5 festival highlights from the Drama strand within the 2016 Official Selection.

DANCERS (Louise Leitch)
When a blind date takes a turn for the worse, two expats find resolution by seeking refuge in their imaginations and, ultimately each other, in order to escape the harsh reality.

TIME AND AGAIN (Aidan Largey)
Lucen, an eccentric 13-year-old, decides to use his intellect to build a time machine with sceptical best friend, Brian, who finds himself swiftly dragged into Lucen’s madcap quest.

One day a young boy finds a magical city that’s been hidden under the floorboards of his attic. He uses the fantastical turn of events to overcome his monstrous mother.

A middle-aged Chinese couple are forced to examine their relationship’s fractures – and future – after they arrive in the USA to organise the funeral rites for their only child.

POOL (Benjamin Lussier)
Pool follows the story of Willem, a young man from Norway, on an existential quest. After suffering from selective mutism, a form of social anxiety, he sets out to engage with the world.

ASFF 2016 runs from 3 – 6 November. For more information about the drama screenings at ASFF 2016, read the full programme online: http://aestheti.cc/2016-programme

1. Trailer for Benjamin Lussier’s Pool (2016). Courtesy of the artist.