Cinematic Festivities

Good food and great cinema go together like Laurel and Hardy, or any other perfect pairing you care to name. This Christmas season sees the return of Gourmet Picture Company, a blend of fine dining and magical movies in locations across Bath and Marlow. Top chef Tom Kerridge – one of the founder members of GPC – is joined by fellow masters of the kitchen Rick Stein and Atul Kochhar to conjure up some culinary delights for film lovers.

With two programmes running across the two locations, in a variety of venues, you can buy tickets to either your favourite chef or favourite movie, or maybe both. The films range from old-school classics like Christmas perennial It’s a Wonderful Life and the Gene Kelly beauty Singin’ In The Rain to 1980s pleasures such as Top Gun and Back to the Future to recent winners like The Great Gatsby and Life of Pi.

Although not all the films have a food and drink connection, some do. What could be more delightful than watching Bruce Robinson’s cult British comedy Withnail and I, whilst enjoying the finest wines known to humanity (well, maybe) and the cooking of Rick Stein? Or for that matter supping a good Merlot (just don’t tell Miles) and watching Alexander Payne’s wonderfully acerbic drama Sideways, all set in California wine country.

Stein’s food will also be on offer when they screen Peter Greenaway’s wonderful The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (hopefully, you’ll have finished eating before the queasy finale). Meanwhile, Atol Kochhar’s menu can be sampled alongside a screening of John Favreau’s Chef, a genuinely mouthwatering movie about a head chef who quits his job to join the food truck revolution.

Needless to say, the morsels on offer will send you into foodie heaven; at the Riley Park Theatre, for instance, Kerridge’s menu includes potted salmon and coronation chicken for starters, chicken tikka masala and mac and cheese with pulled pork for mains and delicious Hand & Flowers ice cream for desert. Vegetarian options are also available, including a five bean chilli. Perfect comfort food in the company of some marvellous cinema.

James Mottram

The Gourmet Picture Company screenings take place in Bath and Marlow until 5 January. For more details, visit:

1. Still from The Great Gatsby.