Challenging the Concept of Fashion and Aesthetics

The fashion film strand at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival grows each year with a stunning array of works that question the very concept of fashion and aesthetics in today’s world, crossing the boundaries of reality and reaching out past the possibilities of design. Victor Claramunt’s Breaking Rules won Best Fashion at ASFF 2016. In this charmingly rebellious film, a new girl arrives at an all-girls boarding school. She makes a new friend, who teaches her how to break the rules set out by their strict headmistress.

ASFF: There is a strong balance between narrative and visual aesthetics in your film. What inspired the story for the fashion film?
VC: The things that inspire me to make fashion film are many: my experiences, my family and especially movies. Everyday life is full of stimuli, so I am always prepared to receive an idea. I also think that the people around us are a source of inspiration. A family reunion is an endless source of stories. Since childhood I have been interested in cinema. It is my inspiration and aspiration.

ASFF: As well as winning Best Fashion Film at ASFF, Breaking Rules been screened worldwide at other festivals. Where do you hope to take it next?
VC: Breaking Rules is a small piece of work. It was filmed for 3 days with a great team of professionals. When it was only a project, I dreamed of it being watched by someone who did not know me, who liked it and let me know. Now Breaking Rules will travel all over the planet with a little rebellious story, but positive at the same time. This is much more than I imagined.

ASFF: What is exciting about working in fashion film?
VC: Making fashion films is awesome. Through fashion film, I can express my fears, fantasies, tastes, paranoias and humour without too much reticence. I tell the stories I want to tell, the way I want to tell them. I just hope none of this changes.

ASFF: Are they any stories from the industry you would like to tell next? Do you have any projects in the pipeline?
VC: Fortunately, I have lots of projects in progress. Many are fashion films others are advertising films. It’s easy to imagine that, like most people who make shorts, I also want to shoot a feature film. That is actually the reason why I started making fashion films. When I do make a feature, I promise it will be quite “fashionable.”

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1. Victor Claramunt, Breaking Rules.