BAFTA Qualifying ASFF 2015, Thriller Strand, Nasty by Prano Bailey-Bond

With just one month to go until the 5th anniversary edition of Aesthetica Short Film Festival opens, prepare to be chilled to the bone, cling to the edge of your seat, or feel a rush of excitement from films in our popular thriller strand at ASFF 2015. From the psychological to the curious and strange, this genre will have you swaying from anticipation to surprise in a series of remarkable storylines. Throughout film history, directors have revelled in the medium’s power to invoke a visceral response – and audiences have similarly relished the thrills, scares and adrenaline rushes that film can bring them in the safety of their cinema seat.

ASFF 2015’s Thriller selection will certainly not disappoint, including Prano Bailey-Bond’s Nasty (Soul Rebel Films) UK, 2015, a short fantasy-horror set in 1982 in which 12 year old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his own father.

Watch Nasty in Thriller, Reel 1 at ASFF, 5-8 November, venues across York.

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1. Still from Prano Bailey-Bond’s Nasty (2015).