Academy Award & Golden Globe Nominee Zaza Urushadze’s Tangerines

Nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe as Best Foreign Language Film, Zaza Urushadze’s Tangerines makes a statement for peace over racial and ethnic conflict.

Set in 1992, following the Soviet Union’s dissolution, the film focuses upon two Estonian immigrant farmers who decide to remain at their farms long enough to harvest their tangerine crops, despite worsening battles between Georgian and Abkhazian separatists. When the fighting meets their threshold, the two men treat soldiers from separate sides who, as they recover, are forced to confront the futility of the bloodshed and the reasons for their hatred of one another.

This remarkable piece of anti-war cinema is profoundly touching, featuring legendary Estonian actor Lembit Ulfsak and Mikheil Meskhi as Niko, who follow an imaginative script ridden with tension, tragedy and revelation, beautifully shot by a small independent crew.

Tangerines. Released in UK cinemas from 18 September.

1. Still from Tangerines