ASFF 2016: Northern Film School Showcase Screening

The Northern Film School, sponsors of the ASFF Screenplay Award, is one of the best-known film schools in the UK, having made award winning films for over 25 years based upon an ethos of collective creativity. The Showcase Screening at ASFF 2016 will be followed by a panel discussion: The Auteur is dead. Long live the Script! Ahead of this event, we speak with Peter Baumann whose film Border Patrol will be showing during the screening at Reel Cinema York, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

ASFF: Where did the idea for the final film come from?
I’m originally from Munich and spent a lot of my youth in the rural area close to the Austrian border, where the film was based and shot. I always thought that the ridicule between Bavarians and Bustrians had great potential for a comedy, as there is a very specific way how these people behave and talk in the area. In the film I wanted to highlight, that even though different in dialect and nationality, that there really isnt that much of a difference between austrians and bavarians, especially in this region.

ASFF: How did Border Patrol come together as a short film?
I already had the idea in my head, when I started  at filmschool in 2010, but I didnt have a story yet. In the summer of 2012 I worked a lot on developing the characters and the change of power, that happens between the two cops, so the film wouldnt have to rely on the final joke.  I flew to Munich in October 2012 and started pre-production and also translated the script into German. My producer Nishad Chaughule and DoP Justin Litton followed soon after.

When we had the locations and all the crew, we then moved to a farmhouse about one hour outside of Munich. Filming lasted a for a week. Back in Leeds I started the editing process with my editor James Gover and after approximately two weeks we had a final cut. The sound design was done in Germany and the film was finished around May 2013.

ASFF: You are showing your film at this year’s festival. What do these accolades mean to you as a filmmaker?
It meant, that apparently we were doing the right thing. It also helped me to get recogniSed and to get paid jobs as a writer and director in the German film industry.

ASFF: How has the Northern Film School supported your development as a creative?
 My writing tutor, Michael Bentham helped me a lot in the script development phase and my course leaders, Dan Weldon and Larra Anderson gave us a lot of trust and freedom that we could develop this film as a team in Germany.

ASFF: Can you talk about your new and upcoming projects?
I’m now working on a script for a series that is based on Border Patrol, together with Constantin Film Production. We are currently writing a treatment to sell it to german TV. I also shot some episodes for a crime show on German TV and am writing on two other feature script ideas, both for cinema.

Northern Film School Screening and Panel. Early booking is recommended for this event as capacity is limited. For more information, visit

1. Peter Baumann, Border Patrol. Screening at ASFF 2016, Northern Film School.