Aesthetica Short Film Festival: Highlights from the Documentary Strand

As BAFTA Qualifying ASFF enters its sixth instalment, we consider how the Festival’s ever-evolving programme brings together filmmaking in all forms. This year’s event, which takes place 3 to 6 November 2016, will showcase more than 300 films in genres including: animation, comedy, music video and thriller.

Here we take a closer look at the Documentary strand, featuring two previous winners of best in this category, who also went on to receive the prestigious overall Festival Winner award.

James Muir / Daniel Hunter, River Dog (2011)

River Dog depicts a lone farmer’s life and his struggle to survive in the remote New Zealand countryside, where the underbelly of a farming community continues to pollute the water and destroy the last remaining natural values of the Pahaoa River.

Watch the trailer here.

Shasha Nakhai / Richard Williamson, The Sugar Bowl (2012)

The Sugar Bowl, documents the rise and fall of a Philippine island’s sugarcane industry. A chorus of eccentric characters and stunning images paint a portrait of a charming place, struggling with its past and trying to move into the future.

Watch the trailer here.

For more information and top advice specifically on documentary film, you can read more about this year’s masterclass by Kate Townsend, BBC: Capturing the World Through Documentary.


1. James Muir / Daniel Hunter, River Dog (2011)