Watch Five Fashion Films from the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014

This November the Aesthetica Short Film Festival will celebrate its fifth year as an important player in the international short film festival network. Now with BAFTA accreditation, the festival has gone from strength to strength over the years, growing in size and attracting a huge number of top quality films. In 2014 we opened a brand new fashion film strand, highlighting the increasing importance of film in the clothing industry. The 2014 programme featured over 20 fashion works, with submissions from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, River Island, Karen Millen and more. We select five of the films screened last year, watch them here.

1. Red Shoes
Lorna Tucker (Finished Films)
UK, 2013, 5m 6s

Inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution, Red Shoes is a journey through a dark, enchanted space where decay and opulence sit side by side.

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2. Matin Lunaire
Clément Oberto (Oversteps Production)
France, 2014, 2m 58s

Matin Lunaire (moony morning) is a suspended moment, the seeming paradox of a moon that is still visible in the sky during the day time.

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3. Handprint
Mary Nighy (White Lodge)
UK, 2013, 2m 44s

Handprint aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by garment workers and jewellery producers around the world and compels viewers to confront the origin of their clothes.

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4. Fashion Winner ASFF 2014: River Island x Joseph Turvey (feat. Justanorm)
Alex Turvey (White Lodge)
UK, 2013, 2m 28s

Inspired by Joseph Turvey’s streetwear aesthetic and documentary photographer Jamel Shabazz, Alex Turvey’s short film centres around the model collective Justanorm.

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5. No More Tiaras
Mary Nighy (White Lodge)
UK, 2014, 3m 23s

Karen Millen collaborated with Mary Nighy to create No More Tiaras for the launch of their two global flagships. It celebrates individual style and looks at the brand’s recent evolution.

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ASFF is currently open for submissions. Enter your fashion film before 31 May at

1. Matin Lunaire, Clément Oberto (Oversteps Production). Courtesy of Oberto and ASFF.