16 Days to Go: ASFF 2013 Filmmaker Greg Rom

In the countdown to ASFF‘s call for submissions deadline, we highlight a film from the latest installment of the film festival: Loot (South Africa, 2012), produced by Gentlemen Films Director Greg Rom. Screening 300 films from all corners of the world, ASFF 2013 was a celebration of international short filmmaking.

Greg Rom’s comedy Loot had already reached high acclaim in the year of its release: screened at New York City Short Film Festival 2012, it won the Audience Award; it was also selected as Best Narrative Film Award Winner at the 2012 One Screen Film Festival, and won Best African Short at the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival.

On a day seemingly like any other, a stranger strolls into a bustling bank and armed with little more than a plan, seeks to get away with the contents of the vault. Taking place in a world just left of ours, Loot is the surprising tale of an unusual bank robbery, one where the line between reality and imagination is blurred and few things are, as they seem.

ASFF 2014 is open for entries until 31 May, welcoming submissions from emerging and established filmmakers working across all genres from drama to documentary and artists’ film to music video. Two new strands for ASFF 2014 are fashion and advertising, providing a new platform for agencies and industry filmmakers to showcase the creative and artistic talent from these sectors.

For more information and to submit visit www.asff.co.uk.

1. Greg Rom, Loot (South Africa, 2012)